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Patient treatment stories

If you are considering coming India for cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, heart surgery, fertility treatment, or one of the many other treatments available, why not find out about other people's experiences of treatment in India.

Our patient stories are supplied by the hospitals and clinics featured on our site. They are real stories of real people. Each story provides an indication of how much the surgery or treatment would have cost in your home town, and what the person paid for treatment in India.



from Nigeria

Amen... And you too. U are also a mother to me you took all the necessary actions to see my mother in healthy restoration. May almighty GOD will increase your health wealth and long life. Thank you so much doctor.

Zahrdeen Nigeria


Harvey Mackay

None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone's help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you.

As we enter the new year, we would like to thank you and your family for having been there for us when we needed you the most. We thank you for every prayer said, every hand that gave, every message sent, every visit made and above all, for being a brothers keeper and for loving us, thy neighbor!!  Our prayer is that may God richly bless you and yours, may all that you gave be returned a million fold. May 2019 and beyond be a blessing to you all and may God shine upon your lives. We have made friends, inspired many not because we're special but because we believe God has and had a reason for all we went through this year.... May his will be done.

You guys rock and we love you

Thank you Dr. Surbhi for everything. My wife and I are ever grateful to you and your team, Medical staff at Medanta and the wonderful Liver Transplant Team at Max. God Bless you all and have a lovely 2019.

Harvey Mackay


Cancer Treatment at Apollo

Prostate cancer treatment

Hi Surbhi.

We are both getting better by the day and walking longer distances.Patrick is doing better than me, he has gone to work today. I will take it easy for a while.

Surbhi, we want to thank you for your selfless service you render.That sounds inadequate.Our trip must have been planned in Heaven for it to be so seamless, incident free and 100 percent successful. You are the vessel of love and care that we appreciate and pray that your rewards will be beyond measure.

We are no longer just your patients, we would love to assist you help even more people in Zambia. We are at your service. Thank you Surbhi for a great and successful trip, too little but sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.We love you and will keep in touch.

Patrick and Petronella. (Zambia)


Bone Marrow Transplant

Transplant Surgery

Margaret Gondwe. (Zambia)


Heart Surgery at Apollo

from Nigeria

Good morning Dr Suden,

I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding kindness to my wife and daughter not minding the inconveniences I imposed on you, your time and resources.

You are one in a million and we'll always love you.

Thanks and God bless you always.

Dr.Udo. (Nigeria)



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