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MedGinnie is a professional medical facilitation organization that provides world Class medical and surgical treatment in India to international patients seeking affordable and high quality care.

We invite you to receive the benefits of our medical knowledge and expertise for a rewarding and pleasurable medical experience in India, that too at a fraction of what it would cost in other countries.

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Undergoing kidney transplant in India has a variety of benefits that makes India a better choice when compared to countries like USA, Singapore or European nations.

  • India has the largest kidney transplant program, second to the USA
  • Affordability and state-of-the-art infrastructure at all top hospitals in India
  • A success rate of 85 to 90% amongst the best kidney transplant hospitals in India
  • Special time-bound schemes and packages to MedGinnie patients at some of our associated hospitals
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Infrastructure and availability of options: India has an enormous network of hospitals ranging from world-class medical institutions to mid-range hospitals and public hospitals providing extensive medical care. This gives the patient the benefit of choosing a hospital according to his/her preference of city and surgeon

Cost: Treatment cost is a very huge concern when one chooses a treatment location. The hospitals in India are renowned for being affordable. The price of a kidney transplant in India may differ between hospitals depending on the infrastructure, the surgeon's knowledge and the city you choose to have your surgery.

Reputation of doctors and hospitals: Indian doctors in the medical world are well-acknowledged and respected. They are thought to be extremely qualified and skilled. A majority of the top doctors in India are also internationally trained and represent or are a part of the panel of doctors.

Proximity and location: The best hospitals in India are primarily located in metropolitan cities and are well connected to public transportation and international airports. This saves travel time and makes connectivity easy.

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The latest technologies and advanced procedures through MedGinnie will help you recover faster from kidney treatments and get back home sooner.

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