hip replacement surgery in india

How to choose a hip replacement surgeon?

Why Hip Replacement?

Chronic hip pain and arthritis of the hip can drastically reduce your quality of life by preventing you from moving freely. A hip replacement surgery is often recommended:

  • When you are not able to move at all because of the pain.
  • When other alternative treatment methods fail to work.
  • In the case of a severe hip injury resulting due to an unfortunate accident.

How to choose a hip replacement surgeon?

It is important to choose an experienced and a qualified hip replacement surgeon to ensure that you are in the safe hands. Hip replacement is a common, yet complicated procedure. It requires a thorough knowledge of the hip joint, the implants available, and the best approach to treat the injury or condition. So, it is important to look for the credibility, experience, and skills of the hip replacement surgeon while choosing one.

How trained are the surgeons associated with MedGinnie?

MedGinnie has partnered with some of the best hip replacement surgeons in the India. All the hip replacement surgeons empanelled with MedGinnie are highly experienced and skilled. A lot of them are internationally trained. They have sound knowledge of the types of hip implants available today. They are well-trained in conducting all types of hip joint procedures. These include unilateral and bilateral hip replacement and hip resurfacing surgery.

FAQs on Hip Replacement

Q: Can a hip replacement fail?

A: Hip implants may rarely fail primarily because of loosening, an infection, or natural wear and tear. In such cases, a revision surgery is required.

Q: What are the alternatives to hip replacement?

A: Hip replacement surgery is often the last treatment option preferred and suggested by the doctor and is recommended when all other alternative treatments fail.

Q: Is blood transfusion required after the surgery?

A: Blood transfusion is rarely required after hip replacement surgery in the case of excessive bleeding.

Q: Does it result in a scar?

A: Hip replacement surgery conducted using open surgical approach results in a scar that is 6 to 8 inches long. It is along the side of the hip.

Q: Is it possible to kneel after hip replacement surgery?

A: You can kneel after 6 weeks of the surgery.

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