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MedGinnie is India's leading medical travel facilitation company

Welcome To MedGinnie

MedGinnie is a professional medical facilitation organization that provides world class medical and surgical treatment in India to international patients seeking affordable and high quality care. We invite you to receive the benefits of our medical knowledge and expertise for a rewarding and pleasurable medical experience in India, that too at a fraction of what it would cost in other countries. What makes India more desirable as compared to other countries is the availability of world renowned doctors offering their services in exceptional hospitals equipped with all the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities. All this is available at a significantly lower cost even after including your cost of travel and accommodation.

We at MedGinnie have thorough knowledge about the services and branches of medicine provided by the hospitals in India. We are very well known amongst the Medical Fraternity and top hospitals. On consulting us the patients would be guided to the best doctors and specialized centres with no extra treatment cost to the patient, in fact patients get better services at lower costs when going through our reference.