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Our partners are from all over the world, and providing better healthcare solutions in India.

Simon Tarh Ajongison, Cameroon

Simon Tarh Ajongison is our Cameroon Business Leader. Simon is a trained and experienced Health care advisor with a demonstrated history in the hospital consultation & health care industry. He has studied at the Institute of Technology and Communications (Douala). Simon is also Post-Graduate with a Degree in Network Administrator. He is strong interpersonal professional and is fluent in multiple languages mainly - French, Spanish and English.

His motto is High Quality of Service Second To None and treating every patient as an important individual with the main objective to advise him on connecting with the best available healthcare solution. A positive and engaging team leader and member, who is passionate about developing high performing medical healthcare solutions to deliver outstanding results. Demonstrated ability to succeed with a wide range of commercial experience in healthcare strategy.

Simon Tarh Ajongison

Country - Cameroon



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