A strong system of healthcare in India has made it a much sought after destination for medical services.

What MedGinnie Offers :

  • A dedicated team of in-house professionals to attend to the queries of the sensitive patients

  • Multiple options from various hospitals are offered to a single query sent by our clients; this gives them the freedom to evaluate the different options properly and chose the most suitable option that serves their purposes the best

  • Prior to the arrival of the patients, we arrange for the doctor and the patient communication via phone or e-mail. This ensures a complete transparency of the process and also creates a comfort zone for the patient to travel

  • We arrange visa assistance letter from the hospital and the doctor to procure Indian visa.

  • For a timely start of the treatment, we receive the patients from the airport upon their arrival and take them directly to the hospital

  • For complete assistance, we visit the patients periodically in the hospital during their stay and also communicate with them on a regular basis

  • During the patient's stay in India, we communicate with their near and dear ones/doctors back home periodically via phone or email regarding patient's medical progress

  • For the follow up visits of the patients, we also arrange for post operative hotel stay near the hospital

  • On patient's wish, we also tailor post operative holiday in India after proper consultation with the doctor

  • The return airport transfers for the patients are also arranged by us

  • We also look after that the post operative queries that patients send after returning back home are duly responded by the respective doctors who are treating them.

How does MedGinnie help you

  • Quality Treatment

    You get the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost because hundreds of hospitals and doctors work with us

  • Top Hospitals

    We assist you in comparing costs and doctors at top hospitals in different countries

  • Logistics

    We handle logistics of medical visas, accommodation transportation and hospital visits

  • Cure

    During your treatment, we act as your patient advocate at the hospital ensuring transparency in billing

  • Save Money

    We save you money, our patients on average pay less on their final bill



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